Saving good women from bad design

Navigating the minefield.

The Femme Den champions the idea that women don’t just buy products — they buy into them.

Women are sensitive to the entire brand experience and the companies behind them. A woman’s purchase decisions reflect her good judgement–and it’s not easy to gain her trust because it’s personal and emotional. 


Designing for women is tricky. For clients and designers alike, it’s easy to fall into well-intentioned traps such as “shrinking and pinking.” Looking for better ways to understand and connect with women’s subtle needs and desires, avoiding traps and uncovering distinct strategies to win with women.

womenInspired by women. Solutions for both. 

Superficial approaches and guesswork just don’t work. Like any consumer, women have a unique set of priorities and values. They’re the gatekeepers of the home and are discriminating about what they bring into it. Simply put, women want more.if you meet women’s demanding needs, you usually attract men as well. Why? Women are the pickier, more demanding consumer because she often shops for herself, her children, and her partner. We consider women as a filter for good experiences – for everyone. Here are some great examples from Femmeden:

How do we get women to drink beer?

A better gas station experience for women who pump their own gas


The solution addressed the primary concerns of women drivers: that gas stations can be dirty and unfriendly. Designing a new concept that’s simply nicer: a familiar stop for the family to take a break during a road trip, and a reassuring go-to place for car problems. By bringing service back to the service station, they imagined a better gas station experience for everyone, both men and women.