Fresh New Launches

The consumer arena has never been more fixated on the ‘new’. 

There's a profound shift in power taking place in the business arena. With a whole new breed of exceptional new brands living by the rules of Business 3.0, consumers are now attracted to unproven and unknown brands the way they were attracted to established brands in the past. In fact, 'established' is now often just another word for tired if not tainted. The future belongs to CLEAN SLATE BRANDS. A trend coined by

Upstarts are making waves: Newer, better, faster, cleaner, more open and responsive; consumers are rushing to CLEAN SLATE BRANDS and are now lavishing love, attention and trust on brands without heritage and history.brands

With the democratization and globalization of innovation (not to mention the celebration of entrepreneurship), brands and individuals from all over the world, are now working around the clock to dream up and launch endless new products and services, that are truly better and more exciting than current offerings. Lower barriers to entry has gone from buzz phrase to reality, especially online. 

New players are by default more nimble and laser-focused on what consumers want now (as opposed to yesterday) than the bigger legacy-laden brands they compete with. Several forces are making consumers immediately comfortable with (and even prefer) turning to a fresh new brand:

The new products and services come from entrepreneurs and companies that are natives in a land where communication with brands is two-way, participatory and less reverential, and as such can connect with consumers in a way that older brands often struggle to. It's about speaking truthfully; doing what you say, saying what you do and not exaggerating who you are.

Simplified, transparent
Consumers have had enough of false promises and conflicting marketing claims and are simply seeking brands they can trust. The fact that these companies are newly established, means that they often have ‘new’ business values – such as higher environmental, ethical and social standards – deeply baked into their business models and practices. Everything from transparency in labor practices, supply chains and design process, makes for reducing complexity – and therefore trusted – by consumers.

The opportunity to participate
As domestic production makes a comeback (because of factors like more affordable labor, a better financial climate and a surge of homegrown innovation) the U.S. manufacturing startup universe is experiencing a renaissance. And these startups are engaging at the local level giving consumers opportunities to participate and new ways to think about and connect with a brand. Choosing local is something people see as a way to make better choices. Whether it’s through offering financial support, by helping to shape a brand’s operations, or even by contributing to the product itself, customers of CLEAN SLATE BRANDS often feel more in control – a basic human desire – and that they have a meaningful relationship with the brand.

This trend won't wipe out all desire for brands with history and heritage. There will still be some consumers, at least some of the time, who will want to turn to established, proven products from trusted, well-respected brands, but CLEAN SLATE BRANDS is a trend driven by a profound shift in consumer preferences, and new businesses should question the attitude, tone, structure and approach of their brand. The characteristics behind successful innovative small businesses and fresh start-ups can be adopted by any brand, including old, big ones: seize the opportunity to do things differently. 

Here are just a couple of recent innovative examples via trendwatching:cleanslate