When Does a Designer Design?

The process of designing a website.designprocess

Just read a good post by Ben Gremillion in webdesignerdepot "To create a design is to build a chair in which the content will sit. To choose a design is to select a vehicle to carry information. The noun “design” differs from the verb “design”: one is a product, the other a process. Design (the verb) is an intimate relationship between content and form."

How Does It Work?

Define the parameters
People are surprised to learn that design thrives on boundaries; problem-solving is a good exercise. Here are some parameters to consider:

Attention: “We want to make a lasting impression on people. What is our message? How many different ways can we express that message? What might distract people?”
Medium: “We need this to work in desktop browsers and on handheld devices. How can we write the same HTML for both?”
Budget: “How much can we do with the money we have?”

Ask questions.

“What do we want to accomplish?” is just the beginning, and “To build a website” is not a sufficient answer.
“Who are we trying to help, inform or influence?”
“Why should people come to us instead of the competition?”
“Who is responsible for what?”
“What do we need in order to launch, and what can wait for later?”
“How will we maintain this website? Who will make changes, monitor traffic and troubleshoot problems?”

“Has this been done before? If so, how can we improve on it? What mistakes can we learn from?”

When design is a process, then using layout, typography, color, line, form, contrast and technology solves the problems.