To Keep Your Customers, Keep It Simple

Complexity has its place in the world, but in most cases, simplicity is far more effective. This is never more true than it is in marketing.

Marketers see today’s consumers as web-savvy, mobile-enabled data sifters who pounce on whichever brand or store offers the best deal. Brand loyalty, it seems, is vanishing. In response, companies have ramped up their messaging, expecting that the more interaction and information they provide, the better the chances of holding on to these increasingly distracted and disloyal customers. But for many consumers, the rising volume of marketing messages isn’t empowering—it’s overwhelming. simple

Maybe it was “Gangnam Style” that pushed us over the edge of overstimulation, but the overwhelming feeling among consumers is one of exhaustion. There is a sense that from the hyper-connectivity of our highly-digitized lives to the bright, flashy, complicated sensory input we’re fed everyday, there is no way to continue at this pace. Rather than pulling customers into the fold, marketers are pushing them away with relentless and ill-conceived efforts to engage.

Simplicity will reign supreme.

Some of the more successful advertising campaigns you have seen over the years, most of them are simple, so as to not take away from the focus of the message. Burger King once ran an ad that consisted of a single French fry over a white background. This ad was meant to announce a new flavor of fries, and it was effective because the viewer only saw the one item. There was nothing else to steal their attention. People are tired of the hype and frenzy of the internet. 

2013 is likely to be a year where the most successful marketing strategies will be ones that are not only simple in nature, but promote goods and services that serve to simplify the consumer’s life, or even just their customer experience.

This minimalist concept can be applied to virtually any arena of marketing and advertising, including audio messaging. Ensure your business proposals are focused and easy to understand. Do not expect your client to do additional research to figure out your product. It’s the simplicity and clarity of message as the bedrock of your unique value proposition that interests us.

The Easy Path to Persuasion

Make it LOOK Easy. The notion of simplicity relates to the concept of Cognitive Fluency, which is the feeling of ease or difficulty when deciding on something. Companies that take this approach can go a long way toward improving the success of their engagement, and perhaps regaining loyalty.