14 Latest And Best Fonts Of 2013

Fonts are the most essential part of web design and development.

Yogesh Singh writes: As we know, without proper fonts we can’t make our web design perfect and user friendly. There are many types of fonts presents like sans-serif, hand drawn, grunge, retro, and so on. These fonts are easily available on the internet and most of them are free of cost which shows that availability of fonts is wide and large. In web design the web designer use suitable and best fonts according to our requirements.

The main purpose of fonts is to provide user-friendly navigation and good experience of web and its contents. Here Naughty Designer collected some latest and best fonts released in 2013 for your inspiration. fonts

Moiser    Lovelo    Kelson Sans    Corbert    Myra   Northern Lights   Argentina   KP Programmer NBP    Wagon Sans    MAW   CF Historia    Poor Weekdays Whipsmart   

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