Natural But Enhanced Flavors. Innovative Color.
Color is one of the most important attributes of foods and beverages. As it is often said, we eat with our eyes first. Understanding sensory differences is critical for understanding the product, and ultimately, consumer preference. Consumer demand for more ‘natural’ foods and beverages has sent ingredient developers back to nature to unearth a broadening spectrum of naturally derived food and beverage coloring options.

IFT trend tour: Color and flavor innovation
At the IFT trade show in Anaheim, Jess Halliday followed the Flavor and Color Innovation trend tour, and spoke to some of the companies showing their latest developments at the show. Watch the video podcast here.

Highlights were:
Blending taste modulation technology with traditional real fruit flavors, especially exotic berries blended with spices and herbs and on going color innovation. Current research conducted on different sources—from fruits and vegetables to plants and marine creatures—shows promise in developing new naturally derived colorings/attributes or enhancing ones already in use.

Key trend themes for 2010 are inventive, useful and emotive.

Watching new developments:

Venom-Spiked Honey
A New Zealand company has applied for novel foods approval to market its honeybee venom to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. The company milks the venom from the Apis mellifera species of honeybee using an electronic system that causes the bees to sting through a latex film onto a glass plate for collection. It is then dried and administered through its Nectar Ease brand of venom-spiked Manuka honey.

A New Blue
WILD’s newest innovation fills a gap within the food and beverage color offerings. The acid-stable blue additive is the first of its kind to meet the consistent demand for natural blue color. Unlike previous attempts to achieve blue colors for applications by leveraging the stabilization of red cabbage at a neutral pH, WILD's new blue color additive is unique in that it is truly acid-stable. This proprietary technology will revolutionize the industry with beautiful "hues of blue" suitable for a wide range of food and beverage applications.