Creative Flow

Creativity is an adventurous exploration of ideas.

When something strikes a spark of curiosity… follow it. Creation is an exploratory path flowing through idea space, and the final creative work is only one of many paths through that space. Experience your own path in the world of idea space.

Creative work is not right or wrong. It's important to think completely openly when entering your creative challenge, letting your ideas express themselves. Enter with flow. flo

Every path leads to and provides a unique perspective from the whole of that space, so all paths are valid and worth consideration.  

No single path has all the answers. Some paths run in circles. Some are dead ends. Some lead to treasures. There is a point though in this journey where an almost magical feeling of connection occurs.

That final idea or destination is not better, although it might fit or feel better for your brand, or your specific campaign…It’s the creative journey itself that matters. 

The more paths and journeys we explore, the better the space is understood, the better we can see which ideas we should follow, and which are more valuable for your particular creative outcome. 

Do you have a particular way in which you enter into a creative journey? Have you found tools or spaces that work for you?

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