Inspiration Sci-Fi

Harsh economic times? Design still inspires.
Steve Jobs stated once that the “design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” While this statement has proven to be crucial over thousands of years, one shouldn’t misinterpret it by emphasizing the functionality despite the design. When it comes to product design, the significance of aesthetics of a given device, the way its design looks and feels, determines the choice of the customer once the functionalities of multiple devices are more or less similar. If supported by sound user interface, innovative design solutions can drastically enhance the user experience.

-Alienware’s latest desktop mothership, the Area-51 X-58, has touched down and it is warp speed fast, the monstrosity is infused with some of the finest components out there.
-Portable Bluetooth Speaker Looks Like a Hornet’s Nest, Buzzes Like a Beehive.
-Philips launched its Bluetooth web camera shaped like an alien arachnid. Created by Flynn Product Design, features three
peculiar legs made up of ABS and Polypropylene.

-Scandyna Audio System Looks Alien, Blasts Intergalactic Sound. Every audio component from this line looks like a mini alien army built to infiltrate Earth’s desktops and living rooms. The space-age design isn’t some decoy, though, because the drops have some impressive pedigree under the hood. The speaker technology was originally developed by the hi-fi gurus at B&W, who also built the uber-cool, high-performance Zeppelin iPod speaker.
-Extraordinary invention fuses the interaction of your hands with laser beams to create the sounds of hundreds of different instruments. Beamz – Music Performance System is a unique “W” shaped electronic musical device with six integrated laser beams that lets you play with the light.

-The Princess Leia-styled ergonomically designed headphones support Bluetooth 2.0 and offer echo and noise cancellation technology.
-Flo Backpack Looks Like Star Wars Bounty Hunter. A modular, ergonomic, and performance strength bag perfect for city trips to all day hikes. The rigid thermofoam bags come in three flavors; the urban day pack, the weekender, and the 5-day trekker – that quickly snap into the universal Flo frame. Made of lightweight molded plastic, the frame features large air channels to maintain breathability and a flexible core for unrestricted mobility.

Attitude in Design/Theater Retail


Designers and planners raise the design-genre level to compete on the global stage.
Avant-garde pieces and places cater to a range of eclectic tastes.
An emerging mood for the wilder limited edition pieces to engage more intimately with the customer, exceeding expectations, while rethinking old-style methodologies.


Color Springboard 2010

Keep up with Color!
Essential color moods identifying cultural and lifestyle trends with global relevance. Strategic inspiration, interpretation and adaptation for color in product, packaging, and finishes.
This report includes eight directional color Springboard Themes for 2010.
They are the result of much observation and research of our surrounding natural world as well as the influences that will impact our world in the future. The research includes deep dives into technology, lifestyle and entertainment, and most importantly, the needs, moods, and aspirations of consumers. A guide, a tool, an inspiration and some answers for marketers, retailers, manufacturers seeking insight.
To order report:
It is customizable for your product and consumer sector.

Sample/Excerpt 2010 Springboard Theme: Open-Eye

The continuing concern for natural resource management – the need to preserve and reserve – remains of utmost importance in the minds of many. The Earth inspires products and lifestyles with new levels of  sensory appeal. Green concepts permeate our lives – organics, sustainability, hybrids, and new forms of energy.  Our open eye resourcefulness calls not only for the thoughtful use of materials, but the need for originality in reconstructing and redefining products that are both stylish and sustainable.

The colors found in the Open Eye palette, such as Sequoia, Golden Ochre and Aqua Sky, speak of earth and sky, while vibrant Tigerlily and Deep Raspberry Orchid add a unique, distinctive and deep organic presence to the mix.

Materials, textures, finishes are Sensual, Iridescent, Refreshing  and Biodiverse.

Embracing Gaia – It’s about relaxing and strongly connecting with nature.

Reflection – The transparency, of liquid blue, suggestive of water and how it reflects the sun’s rays.

Touch – Inclusions that feel natural, linked to recycling, reusing, reinventing. 

-There’s this whole movement about bringing back nature into the concrete jungles we’ve built in the past 100 years
but this is probably the most direct yet indirect way of doing it.

-Aquapax, one of the purest natural mineral waters on the planet. Packaged inside a beautiful carton that's mostly made of wood, a natural and renewable resource.

-The Ply Laptop Case formed from two panels of plywood which slide along one another to encase the laptop computer, lined with cork to provide additional heat resistance and protection.

the computer is personal again.

-Even Birds Are Going Green-Solar Birdhouse has a solar panel that charges a small battery. At sunset a sensor turns on the illuminated perch, creating a whimsical glow in your garden and hopefully makes it easier for your birdies to get home.

-Thievery Corporation: Radio Retaliation-given the state of the industry, designing for the music business poses a challenge for designers to think outside the box. The innovative and eco-friendly packaging has no gatefold, no digipak, or even a foamy nub to attach the disc to. Instead, a thickly folded poster of liner notes and nestled  inside those folds you’ll find the compact disc.

-Newton Running-
environmentally friendly packaging for Newton Running by TDA Advertising and Design.

-Urban Quad Bike-new way of urban transport to reduce pollution and congestion. Electrical vehicle is based on a standard quad bike chassis.


All The Right Curves

Curved store merchandising displays convey fluidity, continuity, and grace. Casual, relaxed, comfort built in. Visual merchandisers and architects are collaborating more than ever and influencing retail store design in the making of a good display. A good display has to be desirable and inviting, that’s the ultimate. If you get a customer to stand in a store, feel comfortable, and want the product or idea you’ve displayed, that’s a successful display. Curved display fixtures allow for a smoother flow of energy throughout the store, making the space more restful and easier to walk around in, is more kid-friendly, and facilitates consumer interaction. Like most design trends, curved and ergonomic has been popular before, conveying fluidity, continuity, and grace. We are seeing a resurgence in retail as a solution to the stressful work place. Consumers work in a linear, digital, computerized world all day, entering into a flowing store environment and shopping to rounded lines can offer stress relief. Think how customers and staff are going to interact with store equipment; design should always be ergonomically sound.