When Does a Designer Design?

The process of designing a website.designprocess

Just read a good post by Ben Gremillion in webdesignerdepot "To create a design is to build a chair in which the content will sit. To choose a design is to select a vehicle to carry information. The noun “design” differs from the verb “design”: one is a product, the other a process. Design (the verb) is an intimate relationship between content and form."

How Does It Work?

Define the parameters
People are surprised to learn that design thrives on boundaries; problem-solving is a good exercise. Here are some parameters to consider:

Attention: “We want to make a lasting impression on people. What is our message? How many different ways can we express that message? What might distract people?”
Medium: “We need this to work in desktop browsers and on handheld devices. How can we write the same HTML for both?”
Budget: “How much can we do with the money we have?”

Ask questions.

“What do we want to accomplish?” is just the beginning, and “To build a website” is not a sufficient answer.
“Who are we trying to help, inform or influence?”
“Why should people come to us instead of the competition?”
“Who is responsible for what?”
“What do we need in order to launch, and what can wait for later?”
“How will we maintain this website? Who will make changes, monitor traffic and troubleshoot problems?”

“Has this been done before? If so, how can we improve on it? What mistakes can we learn from?”

When design is a process, then using layout, typography, color, line, form, contrast and technology solves the problems. 

The Top Three B2B E-Commerce Trends for 2013

Customer-facing front-end business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is poised to reach $559 billion in US sales by the end of 2013 says Forrester Research in a recent report. To capitalize on this growing market, companies must invest in B2B e-commerce sites that can maintain channel harmony, optimize distribution, and profit from opportunities. Their report outlines the landscape and some key trends that eBusiness and channel strategy professionals will see in the world of B2B eCommerce over the next 12 to 18 months. b2sb 

In today's broader B2B eCommerce landscape, the challenge for companies, is knowing exactly where to focus energy and investment dollars, especially in a market that is seeing accelerated growth. Forrester believes that B2B eCommerce organizations must address three key trends in 2013, three places you can start:

The B2B Customer Experience.

Today’s B2B customers shop in the B2C online marketplace. And they expect and anticipate the same, smooth B2C-like experience when visiting B2B sites. Successful B2B sites use B2C techniques to deliver online experiences that “transcend the transaction” — including personalization, breadth and depth of product selection, a simplified login experience, and compelling deals and offers. An example from B2B Staples Advantage website employs B2C-like personalization. staples

Get Creative about sourcing B2B eCommerce Talent. 

Recruit and empower leaders who have B2C eCommerce experience. Because more companies are diving into B2B e-commerce, the pool of skilled talent is shrinking. Many businesses will have to accept some salary sticker shock when hiring existing talent. Others may have to get creative, recruiting B2C talent or cherry picking internal talent, converting promising internal employees into B2B assets. 

Harmonizing Channel Conflict.

As attractive as B2B online sales are, channel conflict remains a big concern for many companies. However, it should not be a roadblock. Top companies are leading the way by using e-commerce to benefit the direct business buyer experience — from enabling specific customer segments, to arming sales reps with online sales portals.

Accelerate the development of a self-service model and begin migrating customers online. B2B companies can now profitably merchandise and market to, as well as transact with, these customers entirely online. By digitizing sales qualifying via product configurators and do-it-yourself online support — as Dell has done — B2B companies with self-service portals can drive down the cost of acquiring and keeping a customer. dell

Visit Digital River to learn more about 2013 B2B trends, download a complimentary copy of the Forrester Research report, Key Trends in B2B E-Commerce for 2013. (Please note that this download is available for a limited time.)


14 Latest And Best Fonts Of 2013

Fonts are the most essential part of web design and development.

Yogesh Singh writes: As we know, without proper fonts we can’t make our web design perfect and user friendly. There are many types of fonts presents like sans-serif, hand drawn, grunge, retro, and so on. These fonts are easily available on the internet and most of them are free of cost which shows that availability of fonts is wide and large. In web design the web designer use suitable and best fonts according to our requirements.

The main purpose of fonts is to provide user-friendly navigation and good experience of web and its contents. Here Naughty Designer collected some latest and best fonts released in 2013 for your inspiration. fonts

Moiser    Lovelo    Kelson Sans    Corbert    Myra   Northern Lights   Argentina   KP Programmer NBP    Wagon Sans    MAW   CF Historia    Poor Weekdays Whipsmart   

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30 Inspirational Ecommerce Web Designs

Eric Shaferh (a creative media enthusiast, designer and blogger from Chicago) has gathered up some very inspirational ecommerce web designs that break the mold. He writes:

"When most people think of ecommerce designs, they think of typical designs that have a vertical or horizontal category list and page after page of product thumbnails. While it’s known to be an effective structure, these type of designs aren’t particularly interesting or innovative.

For modern ecommerce shops, it’s important to send a customized, personalized message about styling. Plus, with CMS options for hosting shops and plugins to create ecommerce blog sites, it’s possible to get creative with structure and make a unique shop."
Check out the sites he's gathered here



Moment Skis

Nike Jordan

Sam Edelman


Interface Concepts for Modern eCommerce Web Design

Interesting observations on design for ecommerce from a blogger I follow: Jake Rocheleau. Jake is a web designer and social media entrepreneur. And always researching the latest trends in digital design and new-age Internet ideas. You can follow his updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau

Deep Nested Navigation

We have seen an ever-increasing list of trends in website layouts. eCommerce websites are especially unique in that designers must focus on product showcases within the layout. User interfaces are not much more complex, but they do require lots of additional metadata such as prices, quantity, and item types. 

Online websites offering a storefront & products must be careful about organizing all this data. Typical website navigation menus will generally hold a small collection of links with some potential sub-menu items, as well. But eCommerce websites often need multiple levels of nested menu links. Possibly so many levels that you won’t be able to display them all at once! As users browse through any product categories, the navigation menu should open up to display further options. But these links are only visible for the currently selected topic. You can see a fantastic example of this navigation style on Newegg.

ecomAnimated Page Elements

When you create helpful animations tied onto an important segment of your layout animation styles can often improve usability. Menus and product captions are just a couple of examples for hidden content which may be animated into the page. Threadless is in the process of launching a new beta layout which features these effects.

For shoppers who are familiar with the old layout it is quite an adjustment. But check out their new very cool sub-navigation flyout menu by hovering over any of the top links. The small block containers will animate out from the page. You’ll notice topic headings along with related thumbnail images. 


Product Magnification, Suggested Products, Customer Reviews & Ratings…and a great showcase of designs – you can read Jake's full post here



Collabs, Artists and Techies

Such collaborations have a variety of outputs, including new forms of electronic communication, interactive databases and art works; framed within a number of different environments.

Courvoisier is going all out on their new Exclusif Cognac. Including a multi-city tour (LA, SF, Houston, Miami, NY) this spring to show off an exclusive line designed by urban/skate brand LRG, inspired by Courvoisier… Also: customized some limited edition gadgetry – iPhones, Blackberries, and iPods.

Sony Design, working in collaboration with Italy’s Master Craft Lombardia will be showing off a collection of breathtaking custom designs for Sony’s electronic gear. Works include the amazing Tsuki table-mounted projector, as well as custom audio, lighting and home furnishings with embedded surround sound.

Artist Series mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives: Mission at mimoco and one is to provide a wide range of artists with a new creative outlet. The mimobot concept is built around the convergence of two very different new mediums, toys as a canvas and flash memory as a digital distribution vehicle. The combined result allows contributing artists to explore the platform in original and different ways, for their enjoyment and yours.

Zune Arts Animations: Emerging artists collaborate on inspiring works of art, where sharing, connecting, discovery and friendship are celebrated, a place ever evolving and open to new voices, influences and ideas. Whether you stream or download (some of) the movies on Zune Arts to a Zune or iPod/iPhone, they are clearly aiming toward the very creative market and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Nokia brought Parisian artist/designer Frédérique Daubal on to design the 7900 Crystal Prism. The result is a playful combination of her multifaceted collages, the return of the 80’s geometric motifs. And if Frédérique Daubal sounds familiar to you, you have probably seen her work everywhere from Colette to Paul Smith. You can download a nice little video interview between Matt Bickley, Nokia’s Creative Director and Frédérique Daubal over at the Nokia Prism Collection site… and you can also get limited edition wallpapers as well.

If Lamborghini can have its own mobile phone, we suppose it’s only fair that Ferrari get one too. Introducing Motorola’s MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge.

Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone. Giorgio Armani presented the new Samsung Armani mobile phone at a press briefing in his Armani / Teatro in Milan before his Spring Summer 2008 Women’s fashion show.Through a new strategic alliance, starting with the Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone, the two companies plan to launch an innovative range of portable and home consumer electronics products.