Packaging as a Brand Touchpoint

Those of us who are Apple people know that when we purchase an Apple product the brand starts in the packaging.
John Silva with DuPuis says:
“There is an art to delighting consumers that goes beyond calculation and measurement. It’s often an intangible nuance through visual language and smart risk-taking that separates the wall-flowers from the heroes.”
Designers that weave marketing science into their art and marketers that allow art to express personality in seemingly abstract ways are mustering to the call.

Great concept by Seitz
Coleman Kids Promotional piece designed to encourage family bonding through camping. Based on campfire activities, and are housed within an over size matchbox. Owl lantern, bear, eating s’mores, bird… harmonica and fire fox for fire starters…

While a brand is more than a package, for most consumer packaged goods the packaging is the purest expression of the brand and often the first opportunity to project its value and tone. Packaging now protects, informs, differentiates, delights and entertains.

Developing great branding and packaging requires consumer insights and a keen awareness of their need-states, combined with visionary instinct and bold creativity.

Illustrator Hiroko Sanders created the illustrations for the new Kleenex “Perfect Slice of Summer” tissue box series. Since the illustrations are the primary part of each carton, the challenge was to create artwork utilizing a style that embodies the spirit of summer, and that works uniquely with the carton design. 

A cool concept created by Antrepo Design, D size battery S&P shaker. These are the last members of “the I’m not product series”.

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