Drivers and Vision for a New Era of Luxury.

From Excess to Stealth.


In the contemporary marketplace, what is the new Glamor? Is there a new luxury ideal? The debate surrounding luxury is far from new. The traditional definition of luxury as ‘anything unneeded’ is neither helpful nor relevant in today’s markets. New luxury is being part of things, having experiences that deepen ones understanding, connection and appreciation of life. Events, brands, products, places, services and moments all will find emotional resonance with consumers with participatory communications.

BEING PART of a participation flow gives a feeling of connection, of ‘oneness’ with the world. It’s not what you got; it’s what you know.


In terms of mood and lifestyle, there has been a shift from rank and badge, to discovery and knowledge.

According to French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu there are three types of capital: economic, social and cultural. Cultural capital refers to knowledge, skills and taste, and is increasingly important as a form of self-expression and definer of identity.


Consumers now have a greater emotional involvement in premium products and want a compelling brand story. Customers must be welcomed and nourished. Luxury brands need to offer products and experiences which are more profound, more unique, more valuable. Glitz and glamour isn’t enough. We need to replace hollow with deep.


This era of luxury is bringing back the Artistes. The juxtaposition of objects and styles creates a PERSONAL SIGNATURE. An artisanal approach is a compelling aspect of authenticity. Drivers are commentary and remix. In terms of design, imagery, and packaging–I see experimental, playful, and irreverent being the new luxury acoustics.


ReLuxe is a hybrid of personal acquisitions and accomplishments.

A reflection of our own unique tastes, our own worldview on display for others to see, appreciate and enjoy.

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