Spotlight Cuba

Inspiring Fashion and Style. Fascinating culture, beautiful people, exotic scenery, inspirational music everywhere.

This summer Cuba is pushed in to the spotlight as  one of the first countries to radically combat the  global economic situat
ion. The Caribbean island will introduce an austerity program to try and offset the financial crisis and reduce energy use. With the majestic tropical island set to become more accessible to the masses, an even bigger surge in inspiration arrives.

After an astounding presence on the spring/summer 09 runways, styling with a touch of 1950’s la dolce vita (seen at Louis Vuitton menswear) and spicy, tropical collections (Gucci women’s ready to wear) take center stage for high summer. On the global city streets many are adopting the look; from New York to London, everyone wants a touch of old time Havana.

50’s Havana represents a counterculture spirit that can be seen across the region, inspired by the vibrant local music and dance.

In an age where capitalism is king and the bedrock of consumerism looks set to take a tumble—radical ideologies suddenly have a renewed appeal.

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