Healthy Snacking-Indulgent Flavor

What can we expect to see more of in 2009? More snacks to appear, but different ones! It’s about: The Perfect Snack. The “holy grail” definition: healthy, tastes sinful, and is convenient in all aspects.

Unhealthy snacks will become healthier, while wholesome ones, such as fruits and vegetables, will sacrifice some healthiness to become more attractive and fun.

-Funky Monkey-Fruit that crunches, banana cinnamon chips
-Grab an O-grab and go olive pouch
-Eat your Heart-fun to eat: salsa green soybeans, or sweet and sour peach wedges

Taste is still more important than healthiness in influencing snack and beverage choices. Consumers want the flavor and tastiness of healthy products enhanced. Think: a twist in dried fruits, bbq-flavored onion ring chips…and the next wasabi peas? Emerging growth flavor: black sesame.

-Black Sesame-slow roasted bars from Mrs. Mays
-Black sesame and mustard popcorn

-Zotes, anyone can make a sunflower seed taste like salt, Zotes make a seed taste like hot wings, or a dill pickle, or even beer
-Walkers (UK)-Lamb and Mint, not a flavor you see everyday!
-Ass Kickin” Nuts-a whole NEW kick in your snack habit
-Blairs-Habanero xxx Censored Crisps

When time is becoming increasing valuable, snacks will become more well
suited to our modern way of living. On-the-go lifestyles are fuelling
healthy snacking behavior and choice. We need: easy to access, easy to
prepare, easy to eat, and easy to clean.

-Guru: geared towards WELLNESS, HEALTH, PERFORMANCE, food and beverages that combine nutrition values with pharmaceutical properties. Looking for fresh alternatives that are more innovative, and with tangible product benefits

Societal shifts such as irregular working hours, longer time in transit, and fragmented mealtimes are driving consumers to feel more time pressured. As a result, increasingly consuming food and drinks on-the-go. People want their food fast, but don’t want to compromise on quality.
Tapping into the trend towards “nomadism” and eating on the move, a new generation of vending machines offers wide range of good-quality meals, while some even have a screens showing advertising or documentary films.

-To-Go Sandwiches-convenient packaging for EAT’s new seasonal spring sandwiches
-The Green Machine-provides the vending solution for those seeking organic and healthier snacks/drinks option.
-Fries Pty Ltd-hi-tech and hygienically clean vending machines that cook and serve fresh hot fries in two minutes

And for those frequent-on-the-run fast food eaters who just can’t give up their fries…designers are still thinking of them…

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