Collabs, Artists and Techies

Such collaborations have a variety of outputs, including new forms of electronic communication, interactive databases and art works; framed within a number of different environments.

Courvoisier is going all out on their new Exclusif Cognac. Including a multi-city tour (LA, SF, Houston, Miami, NY) this spring to show off an exclusive line designed by urban/skate brand LRG, inspired by Courvoisier… Also: customized some limited edition gadgetry – iPhones, Blackberries, and iPods.

Sony Design, working in collaboration with Italy’s Master Craft Lombardia will be showing off a collection of breathtaking custom designs for Sony’s electronic gear. Works include the amazing Tsuki table-mounted projector, as well as custom audio, lighting and home furnishings with embedded surround sound.

Artist Series mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives: Mission at mimoco and one is to provide a wide range of artists with a new creative outlet. The mimobot concept is built around the convergence of two very different new mediums, toys as a canvas and flash memory as a digital distribution vehicle. The combined result allows contributing artists to explore the platform in original and different ways, for their enjoyment and yours.

Zune Arts Animations: Emerging artists collaborate on inspiring works of art, where sharing, connecting, discovery and friendship are celebrated, a place ever evolving and open to new voices, influences and ideas. Whether you stream or download (some of) the movies on Zune Arts to a Zune or iPod/iPhone, they are clearly aiming toward the very creative market and it will be interesting to see how it evolves.

Nokia brought Parisian artist/designer Frédérique Daubal on to design the 7900 Crystal Prism. The result is a playful combination of her multifaceted collages, the return of the 80’s geometric motifs. And if Frédérique Daubal sounds familiar to you, you have probably seen her work everywhere from Colette to Paul Smith. You can download a nice little video interview between Matt Bickley, Nokia’s Creative Director and Frédérique Daubal over at the Nokia Prism Collection site… and you can also get limited edition wallpapers as well.

If Lamborghini can have its own mobile phone, we suppose it’s only fair that Ferrari get one too. Introducing Motorola’s MotoRAZR Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge.

Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone. Giorgio Armani presented the new Samsung Armani mobile phone at a press briefing in his Armani / Teatro in Milan before his Spring Summer 2008 Women’s fashion show.Through a new strategic alliance, starting with the Giorgio Armani-Samsung luxury mobile phone, the two companies plan to launch an innovative range of portable and home consumer electronics products.

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